Advanced Manufacturing

With equipment and curriculum developed with Industrial skills based task analysis, Klein Educational Systems and Amatrol, Inc. offer the highest proven quality in Advanced Manufacturing learning systems made in America!  Job-Ready Skills, Real Technical Training, Advanced Troubleshooting by Design – just a few of the benefits that companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, Ford, Con Agra Foods, Toyota and Tropicana have come to rely on to upgrade or refresh current skills and also teach new skills needed in the 21st century.

Skill Boss MSSC CPT Plus Certification System | New Pre-Hire Assessment Tool

Hands On Assessment, Designed To Meet MSSC Standards 

This system is used by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) for its Certified Production Technician (CPT) Plus certification. The Skill Boss system is a hands-on skill assessment system that integrates seamlessly into any manufacturing program. MSSC’s CPT Plus program provides proof of an individual’s ability to perform a wide range of hands-on technical skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power, & mechanical systems.

CPT Plus Certification Program

The CPT Program is an industry-led standards-based training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s advanced manufacturing workforce. The interactive multimedia curriculum for each program is identical and focuses on building foundational workplace skills for advanced manufacturing careers within areas like safety, quality, manufacturing processes and maintenance, as well as cross-functional skills such as communications, teamwork, customer awareness and workplace conduct. The CPT Plus certification expands on the full CPT credential by providing employees with proof that an individual has the comprehensive technical knowledge and hands-on skills needed to be immediately productive.


Industrial Careers Hands-on Skills Training | Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing offers some of the highest paying and most satisfying career opportunities available today, such  as manufacturing operators, maintenance technicians, quality control specialists, scientists, process control engineers, pharmaceutical professionals, and many more. Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program helps students develop the breadth and depth of technical skills they need to excel in technical support roles. Amatrol brings industrial realism to the classroom to teach job relevant skills needed today.

Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program showcases Integrated Systems Technology (IST), a unique way to combine hands-on skills with strong curriculum for an outstanding learner experience. The training program offers multiple levels of study, starting with the basics and rapidly building into more sophisticated technology applications. With over 3,500 worldwide installations and growing, Amatrol continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to bridging the technical skill gaps in our workforce.

Job-Ready Skills

Curriculum for Job-Ready Skills

Amatrol’s IST-based curriculum is designed to support a wide array of learning styles. Theory and hands-on skills are interwoven in a modular framework through Learning Activity Packets (LAPs). LAPs are integrated study units that support just-in-time skills through presentation of theory immediately reinforced with hands-on application. Repetition, active problem solving and self-reviews all provide feedback to students to build confidence in the skills they develop. Each topical area starts with basic concepts and then leads the student into a layered learning process of increasing depth. Skills and theory are strongly reinforced throughout Amatrol’s hands-on learning curriculum regardless of how the student accesses it – printed LAPs, interactive multimedia LAPs or web-delivered LAPs. Skills learned in one LAP are often used in other LAPs to reinforce student learning.

Each Advanced Manufacturing topic incorporates the skill development needed for modern industry. From operation to complex troubleshooting, Amatrol’s learning systems deliver job-ready skills. Throughout all learning topics are problem-solving activities that create adaptive skills for new situations such as component selection, sizing, system layout and program design. Workplace skills, such as working in a team, communicating ideas, etc. are emphasized as well.

Real Technical Skills Through PC Training

Technical PC Training

Extending the reach of real industrial skill training beyond the borders of a classroom has become essential as the skilled worker shortage continues to grow. Amatrol offers computer based interactive technical skill development via our multimedia software.

Amatrol’s interactive multimedia advanced manufacturing  curriculum uses a competency-based instructional design that teaches industry standard skills. Eye popping graphics, 3D simulation, video and complete explanations combine with strong interactivity to develop technical skills. Learners can practice real work outcomes at their own pace, speeding overall student learning and retention.

Amatrol’s multimedia software training can be purchased for server/PC installation or accessed through our eLearning web portal for 24/7 access. Amatrol’s multimedia is self-paced for individual use and can also be used in traditional class settings as a presentation tool.

Amatrol brings industrial realism to online learning through our new virtual trainers. Virtual trainers replicate hands-on equipment in such great detail that students will feel like they are using the actual equipment. Students perform essentially the same industry-based tasks using the virtual equipment that they would perform using actual equipment. Skills previously reserved for hardware-based trainers can now be delivered over the web. Virtual trainers provide a cost-effective way to create new technical skills or update skills amongst the incumbent workforce.

Teaching Advanced Manufacturing Troubleshooting by Design

Each Advanced Manufacturing topic incorporates the skill development needed for modern industry. From operation to complex troubleshooting, Amatrol’s learning systems deliver job-ready skills. Amatrol’s equipment and curriculum are designed to teach increasing levels of troubleshooting and problem-solving skills through:

  • Computerized Fault Insertion
  • Performance Measurement
  • Application Devices
  • Load Devices

Amatrol’s unique computer-based fault insertion system, FaultPro, allows instructors to automatically insert faults and track student results. Instructors can confidently present students with challenging faults without risk of damaging the equipment. Amatrol is the only manufacturer of technical training equipment to offer automatic fault insertion. In addition to automatic fault insertion, Amatrol incorporates many types of applications and load devices, both inertial and friction types, to help teach troubleshooting under realistic industrial conditions. Extensive instrumentation is used to measure torque, speed, current, pressure, flow, and voltage, further enhancing the troubleshooting learning experience for students.

Advanced Manufacturing Realism With Flexible Training and Support!

Industrial Quality Components – Manufacturing Realism

Amatrol’s learning systems feature heavy duty, industrial grade components similar to what students will see on the job. The range of component types spans what students will typically encounter in the workplace. For example, the 950-HT1, Amatrol’s Hydraulic Troubleshooting, uses cast body pressure control valves, 2-stage DCVs, motors with drains, dial-type flow control valves, and JIC tie-rod cylinders. These are the types of components and materials students will commonly encounter on the job.

Extending the reach of real industrial skill training beyond the borders of a classroom has become essential as the skilled worker shortage continues to grow.

Training and Support

Flexible Training Delivery and Support

Amatrol provides a complete range of learning materials ranging from print-based curriculum to equipment trainers to online multimedia with virtual trainers. The LAP style curriculum supports teaching in almost any situation: open-entry / open-exit, traditional class lecture, or blended situations. Each LAP is a natural completion point. LAPs can be easily combined in different configurations to support college classes, industry short courses, cross-training needs, as well as advanced study. This same LAP style curriculum design is used throughout all Amatrol curriculum, increasing student learning with consistent presentation. Your success is our success. That’s our philosophy and commitment to all of our customers. We put that philosophy into action by offering extensive instructor training and strong technical support to help you transform your vision into reality. We support our learning systems throughout their life cycle. Our distributors offer local service and provide ongoing support as well.


Easy Skill Assessment and Tracking

SkillACE is the perfect teaching assistant, handling much of the administrative burden to allow teachers more time to teach. Easy class setup and reporting combined with computerized testing and authentic skill assessment are key leveraging points for instructors. Define classes anyway you wish – tests, projects, skill assessments, attendance, etc. Reporting is simple with many pre-defined reports and easy import / export capability. Pre-quizzes and quizzes are delivered via the computer with results automatically reported. SkillACE supports authentic assessment, which is critical to creating practical skills students can apply with confidence either in the workplace or in advanced studies. Instructors can enter place assessment results via a PDA or on any student or teacher workstation.

NIMS Logo and Certificate

Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program

Flexible Turn-Key Program

Amatrol’s turn-key program includes:

  • 130+ Skills
  • 80+ Hours of Learning
  • 24 Self-Paced Learning Units
  • Instructor’s Assessment Guide
  • On-The-Job Training Guide
  • NIMS Certification Package