Amatrol’s E-Assessment program is a giant leap forward in assessing Industrial skill levels, preventing training overlap, improving training effectiveness and reducing invested time and cost.


eAssessment | Assess Industrial Skills | Improve Training Efficiency Amatrol’s eAssessment revolutionizes technical assessment and training by individually determining a learner’s skill level in specific areas. This assessment prevents training overlap, which dramatically improves training effectiveness and efficiency, reducing invested time and cost. Targeted Training to Fill the Skill Gaps!


Low Cost, High Skill Portable Simulators Can Help Ease Manufacturing Workforce Shortage

Let’s face it – with over 2 million U.S. manufacturing jobs going unfilled because applicants lack the required skills, we have an urgent and critical need for manufacturing training. Companies and community colleges are desperately trying to fill this skills gap, and portable simulators, also called trainers, may provide the edge that they need.