Clean In Place Unit
FT52 CIP Unit – Provisional

The Armfield FT52 has been designed to provide additional cleaning performance for Armfield FT units and other equipment. It consists of a high flow rate stainless steel centrifugal pump mounted on a mobile frame.


  • Simple on/off pump control
  • Stainless steel pump motor splash cover
  • High-pressure hygienic flexible hoses and fittings for quick connection to Armfield equipment
  • 5l stainless steel hopper for cleaning solutions


  • Mobile unit with small footprint providing local CIP capability for pilot-scale equipment
  • Produces cleaning velocities in excess of the industry standard 1.5 m/s in Armfield systems
  • Capable of flow rates up to 4.0 m3/h

Description of Operation

The FT52 uses a stainless steel centrifugal pump to provide high throughputs for efficient cleaning. Achievable flow rates are dependent on the backpressure generated by the system being cleaned. Capacities up to 4.0 m3/h are achievable with low backpressure systems.

The FT52 has a small footprint and is mounted on a mobile platform, so it can easily be positioned in a lab or pilot environment to meet local CIP needs. A stainless steel splash cover protects the pump from spray during laboratory/pilot plant cleaning.

Operation is simple on/off control, which gives the maximum flow rate for efficient cleaning. Flow rates may be adjusted using a backpressure valve (not supplied).

Technical Specification

The FT52 has been designed in accordance with CE requirements.

Centrifugal pump (0-4 bar, 300-4000 l/h)

5l feed vessel


Single-phase electrical supply:

FT52-A: 220-240V 1ph 50Hz 5A
FT52-G: 220V 1ph 60Hz 5A

Order codes



Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.10m
Length: 0.90m
Depth: 0.45m

Shipping Specification

Volume: 0.45m3
Gross weight: 30kg