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FluidMechatronix from Turbine Technologies

FluidMechatronix™ is the elegant result of collaboration between industry and education. The system offers students state-of-the-art devices and software that work in harmony to provide a world-class education in process automation. Backed with a comprehensive curriculum, these skills are readily transferable to current and future industrial needs.

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VRTEX Engage

VRTEX® Engage

VRTEX Engage is a cost-effective tool designed to help educators train welders more efficiently and engage students to explore a career in welding. The system addresses introductory welding curriculum, including safety, machine and process selection, welding procedure set up, welding theory and more

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Fenceless Cart


The NEW FANUC LR Mate 200iD/4S FENCELESS CERT Cart was developed from combining FANUC DCS Position and Speed Check software with an Allen Bradley SafeZone Mini Safety Laser Scanner.

The result is FANUC’s NEW FENCELESS Cart that will still fit through a standard door and runs off 110V power. The FENCELESS cart allows a greater work envelope and introduces students to the latest in integrated safety products from FANUC and Allen Bradley.


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Airwolf Axiom Direct Drive

Airwolf 3D offers the perfect solution to meet STEM core standard requirements. The Axiom Direct Drive 3D printer is much easier to use, maintain, and set up than other printers. It has a fully enclosed chamber and a heated bed. It will also print faster and more accurately than anything else you will find in this price range.

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