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Imperial-Training has been providing the finest training units to the educational market for over thirty years. They can be found in high schools, technical colleges, government facilities and other educational settings all over the world.

Their training units represent a wide variety of subjects in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The training units range from demonstrating simple concepts to illustrating advanced troubleshooting and servicing techniques.

“We believe that prior to going out into the field, the student should fully understand the theory and operational or service techniques behind each specific system.”

Imperial-Training’s goal is to provide top quality trainers at reasonable prices that fit the customers’ precise needs.

Electric Motor Technology Center

TU-503 Electric Motor Technology Center

Residential Wiring Demonstrator

TUE-200 Residential Wiring Demonstrator

Residential Wiring Trainer

TUE-150 Residential Wiring Training

Refrigeration Diagnostic Center

TU-306 Refrigerating Diagnostic Center

Fundamentals of Refrigeration Trainer

TU-420 Fundamentals of Refrigeration Trainer

Basic Refrigeration Trainer

TU-100 Basic Refrigeration Trainer

Commercial Refrigeration Trainer

TU-105 Commercial Refrigeration Trainer

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

TU-155 Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

Residential Air Conditioning Trainer

TU-206 Residential Air Conditioning Trainer

Residential Heat Pump Trainer

TU-406 Residential Heat Pump Trainer

Forced Air & Hydronic Heating Trainer

TU-208 Forced Air & Hydronic Heating Trainer

Tabletop Heat Pump Trainer

TU-701 Tabletop Heat Pump Trainer

Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

TU-103 Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

Gas Fired Heating Control Board

TU-502 Gas Fired Heating Control Board

Oil Fired Heating Control Board

TU-129 Oil Fired Heating Control Board

Electric Heating Control Board

TU-302 Electric Heating Control Board

Single Phase Compressor Control Board

TU-521 Single Phase Compressor Control Board

Motors, Controls & Circuits Build-up Trainer

TU-501 Motors, Controls & Circuits Build-Up Trainer

Domestic Refrigeration Build-Up Trainer

TU-101 Domestic Refrigeration Build-Up Trainer

Electronic Wiring Skill Package

TUE-100 Electronic Wiring Skill Package

 For more information regarding these products, please contact your Klein Educational Systems representative.